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New 'Transformers' mobile game launching next spring
The mobile game featuring the 'robots in disguise' will be avialable on Android and iOS devices next spring. The creators of the popular mobile action game Marvel Contest of Champions will focus their next project on the "robots in disguise." Hasbro and ...
Responsive Design and Mobile's Next Moves for Email Marketing
Mobile has undoubtedly altered the way we connect, communicate, and conduct business. With an estimated 5 billion mobile phone connections worldwide, the smartphone is set to become one of the most defining technologies of the 21st century. It has ...
How to hide sensitive data on your mobile device
In the past, stolen cellphones were usually resold to new owners at a cheaper price. But that was before our phones held so much personal information and now it's really easy to exploit this information to make more money off the stolen device. Data on ...
Nokia dials back time to sell mobile phones again
Nokia-branded mobile phones are on sale, once again, and being marketed on the Finnish company's website. For now, the range is limited to some pretty basic models, but that should change when Android-powered smartphones and tablets are added soon.
Now, Netflix Users Can Watch Movies Offline on Their Mobile Devices
Netflix announced on Wednesday that users worldwide can download some videos to their mobile devices instead of streaming them over cellular data, a feature that could keep eyeballs on the app when internet signals are spotty or unavailable. Users boarding ...
80-90% Of Mobile Ad Location Data Is Wrong, Says Top Ad Exec
Location is important in advertising, and especially so in mobile advertising. Getting an invitation to test-drive a new Tesla SUV is great, but not if it’s hundreds of miles away. Interestingly, he’s also the ad exec who ushered Diet Coke onto the ...
UPDATE: Sevier officials insist evacuation order was sent to mobile devices, contradict TEMA
Sevier County officials insist that a text alert was sent to area mobile devices announcing an evacuation of Gatlinburg amid Monday night's firestorm, contradicting statements by state officials that the order to leave was sent only to area TV and radio ...
6 Mobile Apps to Make Your Life Easy
Saying goodbye to your hometown and relocating to a new city can be extremely intimidating and anxiety inducing, especially if you have never been there before. The entire process exposes you to new challenges and hurdles. But luckily we are living in a ...
The Care Mobile: Ten Years of Smiles
Coloring and activity books are displayed in the magazine racks, and bins of small plastic toys line the counter. A video monitor playing animated children’s shows is just outside the two dental exam rooms, where a dentist, dental assistant, and dental ...
Carnival Fantasy sailing out of Mobile into 2019, but contract extension beyond 2017 still looms
Travel agents are booking Carnival Fantasy cruises from the Mobile-based Alabama Cruise Terminal through April 2019, more than 16 months past an initial agreement for sailings out of the city expires. The bookings would appear to be good news for the city ...