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Does The Huge Increase In Mobile Shopping On Black Friday Mean In-Store Shopping Will Soon Be Obsolete?
Mobile shopping is something that has been getting more and more popular over the years, but it saw a rise in popularity this holiday weekend. A huge number of Americans chose to take advantage of online sales rather than going out to stores on Black ...
Developer's offer doesn't add up for mobile home holdouts
The Grand View Development company has spent more than a year trying to clear out the residents of a mobile home park in Culver City to make way for upscale apartments. But Ischar Zuker won't leave. The 62-year-old Israeli Army veteran has been living in ...
Why Are Comcast's Data Cap Exemptions Evil If T-Mobile's Are A-OK?
Network neutrality can be a tricky concept. For example, it isn't always obvious what's allowed under current regulations. And whether certain practices are officially OK or not, some companies seem to get away with murder, while others apparently get ...
Homespun film takes root in mobile home park
A theater director at the University of Mary wants to put the spotlight on Bismarck and Mandan as good places for film — so he started with a mobile home park. Daniel Bielinski, who moved from New York to North Dakota last year, says an idea began to ...
Telecom, I&B ministry to use broadcast airwaves for mobile services
Early this year, the spectrum auction of about 380 MHz airwaves across various bands fetched government bids worth Rs 1.1 lakh crore. Representational Image Getty Images The ministries of Telecom and Information and Broadcasting have agreed to use over 200 ...
Mobile shopping surged on Black Friday
Black Friday sales soared on portable devices. Investing in better apps and mobile shopping sites paid off for retailers this year, IBM said Saturday, and digital sales were up 21.5% from last year. IBM (IBM, Tech30) does not report total sales figures ...
Telecom, I&B min to use broadcast airwaves for mobile services
The ministries of Telecom and Information and Broadcasting have agreed to use over 200 MHz spectrum earmarked for broadcasting services, the majority of which is with Doordarshan, for advance mobile services. “Doordarshan may not need entire spectrum ...
Mobile gadgets online retail sales overtake PCs in China
BEIJING, China (Xinhua) -- Smartphones and tablets are becoming the preferred choice for Chinese consumers when shopping online as the value of goods sold on mobile gadgets exceeds that on personal computer for the first time in the second quarter this ...
No mobile phone? No savings account,’ Metro Bank tells pensioner
Online banking has been enthusiastically embraced by millions of people, but some still prefer the old-fashioned approach of visiting a branch. It was partly to appeal to this group that Metro Bank opened its doors in 2010, describing itself as “Britain ...
Alphabet: Google Is Ready For The Mobile Internet Of Apps
As per the estimate of comScore, more web search queries will come from mobile devices than desktop PCs this year. It is therefore smart of Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to optimize its search engine to remain relevant during this age of the mobile ...