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The Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile Bundle now includes Windows, Mac and Linux Steam keys
You’ll now be able to access 8 of the 9 games on your mobile device and on Steam, whether you’re on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. All of the pricing tiers are still the same, so let’s take a look at what you get with this bundle. You can pay ...
Trying to make hit mobile game and generate revenue proving difficult
It's not a surprise to hear that mobile gaming has greatly increased in popularity with the rise of smartphones and tablets - but that doesn't mean generating revenue has become any easier. The mobile game market has generated $30 billion in revenue this ...
Xeldem locals say no to mobile tower
Quepem: Residents of Kakumoddi, Xeldem, protested the installation of an allegedly illegal mobile tower by a motor company, Goa Rajee, on the second floor of its showroom at Kakumoddi. More than 314 residents of Kakumoddi have written to the Xeldem ...
Pangea Mobile joins the race to bring Chinese mobile games to the West
We’ve heard a lot about Western game companies moving into China. But Pangea Mobile wants to reverse the flow. The San Francisco-based company is announcing that it has expanded beyond making games to providing services that enable Chinese mobile-game ...
Remembering veterans in Mobile who never came home
One of the largest Memorial Day commemorations in our area took place at Mobile's National Cemetery on Virginia Street. TOLLING OF THE BELL The ceremony began with the presentation of the colors. Then, the main flag was raised and lowered to half staff to ...
Grads Looking for Work? Master These Top 10 Mobile Skills
With high school and college graduation time comes a new wave of job seekers. Check out these 10 technologies and skills to master if you're looking for a new career in the IT field. We gathered the list from a recent post by Gartner distinguished analyst ...
T-Mobile will upgrade your 32GB Galaxy S6, S6 Edge to a 64GB model for free today
T-Mobile is offering Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge adopters a killer deal this Memorial Day, and you definitely won’t want to miss it. If you’ve already purchased a 32GB handset within the last 14 days, the carrier will upgrade it to a 64GB model free of charge.
Mobile cuisine drives into Maumee
Andrea Kenney, of Sylvania, bottom left, walks past various food trucks as she decides what to order for lunch at Levis Square food truck park on Thursday in downtown Toledo. Several of the food trucks will be moving to Arrowhead Park in Maumee for ...
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) & Its First Mobile Store In The US
Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), widely known for its novel marketing gimmicks, has pulled another rabbit from its hat. The fledgling electric car maker has put its direct-selling stores concept on wheels (literally), and is driving the concept to popular ...
Thermon is now mobile and connected
Global heat tracing solutions company Thermon announces the launch of their new mobile website. All Thermon resources can now be accessed on any mobile device by visiting the new mobile website. Thermon’s applications, products and installation ...