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How the free-to-play model captured the mobile gaming market, why it's proven problematic, and how to fix it
The mobile gaming app industry is quickly growing. Over the past eight years, developers have flocked to create mobile games as smartphones became a mainstream consumer device. Technological evolutions including faster processors, larger screens, more ...
An end to ‘bill shock’ as EU mobile roaming charges are slashed
Taking your phone on holiday used to lead to debts running into the thousands. But that’s about to change C ontroversial roaming charges holidaymakers pay to use their mobile phones in another European country will come down dramatically from today, and ...
More than half of Facebook users now connect to the site with just a mobile phone
Fresh off a blockbuster quarter for the social networking giant, a deeper dive into Facebook’s numbers for the first quarter of 2016 shows that its users are increasingly turning to their phones to access the site. 54 percent of all active users logged ...
Mobile Commerce Growth Is Outpacing Desktop eCommerce
Mobile commerce posted astounding growth rates in 2015. A recent Forrester Research survey indicates that smartphone sales accounted for 17% of total retail sales in 2015, and that sales from smartphone devices grew 53% year-over-year. This trend is likely ...
Skype Mobile App Downloaded On More Than 1 Billion Smartphones
Skype mobile App gets over 1 billion downloads on smartphones worldwide in just 7 years. Skype thanked all mobile users who downloaded the App. Skype has worked hard to provide its users the best quality for voice calls, video calls & group calls on mobile ...
Mobile Christian 10, St. Luke's 0: Leopards eliminate rival Wildcats for second straight year
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Maximizing your mobile impact
Whenever people talk about mobile search, one of the first things that always comes to mind is location, location, location. Since mobile phones are… well, mobile, these devices open up opportunities to target consumers who may otherwise have been hard ...
Intel Cancels Low-Power Chips Aimed at Mobile Devices
As part of a restructuring announced last week, Intel reportedly is ending its SoFIA and Broxton projects and shifting the money to its 5G efforts. Intel reportedly is ending its efforts around some chips aimed at smartphones and tablets as part of larger ...
Mobile Payment And The Future Of Money [Infographic]
New software and advances in Near Field Communication technology has changed the way we buy the things we want. Instead of cash and cards more people are using their smart phones and wearable devices. Just wave your device in front of the credit card ...
LA Metro Lines to Get T-Mobile Service in Coming Months
In some of the larger cities, like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles; many people take the subway to and from work each and every day. It’s a great means of transportation, and in a city like New York where the majority of people don’t even own a car, it ...