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Investor bids to save troubled Va. mobile home park, then faces threats of lawsuit
After facing eviction for a year, the nearly 50 families in a Northern Virginia mobile home park plagued by raw sewage appear poised to stay in their homes — with new sewer and water systems and a new landlord. But, in line with the uncertainty that has ...
19 mobile hacks everyone should know
From saving your phone battery to protecting it against sand or water damage, here are some of the incredible mobile hacks that can make your life easier and smoother. There are times when you are unable to get a clear signal on mobile, especially when you ...
Toronto launches public consultation to address exotic animal and mobile zoo problem
TORONTO – Canada’s most populous city has an exotic animal problem. Staff with the City of Toronto admit that a bylaw on prohibited animals contains loopholes allowing so-called mobile zoos — which take animals around for events ranging from birthday ...
Starbucks Customer Traffic Stalls Amid Mobile Order Issues
NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks says its customer traffic has been stalled as it works on fixing the congestion created by its mobile order-and-pay option at some stores. The coffee chain said U.S. sales rose 3 percent at established locations for the three ...
MacTrast Deals: Just Mobile Xtand Car Vent Mount for Smartphones
The Just Mobile Xtand Car Vent Mount for Smartphones clips easily to your car’s air vent, making it easy to see your device’s display, but keeping it out of your hot little hands. The Just Mobile Xtand Car Vent Mount is the ultra-versatile smartphone ...
Starbucks customer traffic stalls amid mobile pay congestion
NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks says a key sales figure rose 3 percent in the U.S., but that the increase was the result of higher average spending and that customer transactions were down. The coffee chain attributed the decline to a change in its loyalty ...
ATS Mobile Bumper Repair Yelp Review
Please check out my Yelp review of ATS Mobile Bumper Repair. I had such an outstanding experience that I want to make sure everyone in the Los Angeles area who is in need of body work on their vehicles turns to this great company! Below is a description of ...
This is what Mobile Journalism looks like today
Mobile Journalism has come a long way in 30 years, writes Robb Montgomery. Smartphones today are more powerful, their cameras ever sharper, and the apps for filming, editing and transmitting visual reports are allowing journalists to produce professional ...
Injustice 2 Mobile Pre-Registration Now Open
The pre-registration for the mobile version of Injustice 2 has just gone live. Sign up with your email address at and you'll be able to snag Catwoman as an exclusive playable character upon the game's May 11th launch date. Injustice 2 ...
This Dubai Startup Wants To Free Mobile Payments From The Internet’s Tyranny
Fintech startup Bridg is taking mobile payments offline...sort of. No matter how much noise that has reached your ears recently, there is no denying that in this part of the world, fintech is still in its infancy. For any fintech entrepreneur trying to ...