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MWS 2017: 5G - the next mobile revolution
Plans to deploy a 5G mobile data network are proving to be the hot topic at this year's Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Operators have yet to agree the specifications, but Intel told Rory Cellan-Jones that it should still be ready to deploy ...
Mobile World Congress: Here's what you've missed
Barcelona is playing host to one of the mobile industry's biggest events. Mobile World Congress kicked off Sunday, with companies including BlackBerry, LG, Nokia and Samsung unveiling details on the latest smartphones and tablets. Need to catch up on MWC?
T-Mobile’s new free line offer is its best deal yet
T-Mobile comes along all the time with new offers and deals to bribe Verizon refugees over to its network. But normally, you don’t just get things for free. Most of the offers require you to port a line over, trade in a phone, sign up for a two-year plan ...
At Mobile World Congress, old-style phones are new again
The Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest trade show for mobile devices, kicked off Monday in Barcelona, Spain, with brands like Blackberry and Nokia showing off their latest phones, while Samsung opted to spotlight two new tablets instead.
Is it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, how much is the fine and how many penalty points do you get on your licence?
THOUSANDS of motorists are caught each year by police after using their mobile phones at the wheel. Despite several high-profile campaigns and the government raising the fine of being caught to £200, some drivers persist in calling and texting while on ...
Fero Mobile Launches The Fero Iris With An Iris Scanner At An Amazing Price
A lot of innovation goes into the production of smartphones, over the years we have seen all kind of innovation in terms of design, performance, storage and quality of the camera. As a matter of fact, it got to a point where we could predict what next ...
T-Mobile Wants to Turn Off 2G and 3G—But Not Quite Yet
AT&T killed 2G. T-Mobile hasn't done so, but it's certainly looking at it. BARCELONA—In a 5G world, 4G still has a place. But 2G and 3G might not. At an Ericsson press conference this morning at Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray talked ...
Visa, Mastercard beef up mobile payment tech at Mobile World Congress
BARCELONA -- Mobile payments made in different parts of the globe were an important theme at Mobile World Congress this week, with leaders Visa and Mastercard announcing new services. Visa on Monday announced one of the most unusual approaches, one that ...
All the phones we saw at Mobile World Congress 2017
There's a long list of new phones to be excited about. Mobile World Congress has always been a fantastic place to get an early look at many different phones that aren't quite here to buy yet. Every year is a little different, but the general theme is the same.
6 Top Mobile World Congress Takeaways For Google, Amazon, Samsung and Others
At this point, the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show could be renamed Android-palooza, and few wouldcomplain. Though the product announcements made at MWC, which takes place this week in Barcelona, are by no means limited to Android hardware ...