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Mobile banking will soon be possible with a basic handset and without accessing the internet
MUMBAI | NEW DELHI: Banking will have a new look with some of the jigsaw pieces slowly falling into place. Almost all dealings between a customer and her bank will be possible with a basic handset and without accessing the Internet. The telecom regulator ...
AMD to launch 'Carrizo' mobile APUs in 2015 -- improved performance and efficiency
Intel is the current king of processors -- let's just get that out of the way. From a performance standpoint, you can't go wrong with the company's chips. Not to mention, Intel is a huge Linux supporter, so its hardware (chipset, Wi-Fi, etc.) works well ...
VIDEO:"Granblue Fantasy" Mobile RPG Receives Its Own Official Soundtrack
It turns out Japanese fans enjoyed the iOS and Android JRPG Granblue Fantasy enough that it's received an official soundtrack. Developer Cygames' smash hit was only released in Japan, but perhaps with the sort of popularity it's enjoyed, we could see a ...
Samsung Mobile Executives Set to Pay Price in Overhaul
Samsung Group’s first management restructure since family patriarch Lee Kun Hee’s heart attack is set to focus on the executives leading the world’s biggest smartphone business as earnings slump and market share shrinks. The annual changes, which ...
Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Label And The Impact Of Mobile On Search
Google’s algorithm has been penalizing websites with a poor mobile experience since an update in June 2013. Recently, Google has taken it one step further by including mobile-friendly labels alongside search results of websites offering a good mobile ...
Samsung reshuffle: mobile executives to 'pay the price' for profit slump
Samsung's mobile business will be the focus of the upcoming reshuffle, analysts say, as the department has been ceding ground to smaller players like Xiaomi. Photo: Bloomberg Samsung Group's first management restructure since family patriarch Lee Kun Hee's ...
Mobile+: transcending mobile and the evolution of the digital portfolio
As new offerings from Apple, Google and others are integrated into the digital portfolios of clients, users and agencies, Paul Napier coins a name for the new generation of developers are being given the chance to arise: ‘Mobile+’. Each year Apple and ...
Why Mobile is a Brand New Driver for Your Sales
There is a lot of buzz around mobile apps but what are the new opportunities out there? Recent research by Adobe has answered this question. It’s amazing that an absolute majority (89%) of marketing and sales specialists believe they’re on the right ...
Mobile advertising to grow at 50%; e-commerce expected to be the biggest investor
Mobile advertising has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. The credit goes to the penetration of smart phones in the country. There are many first time users who are accessing internet on their phones, never having used desktops or other screens.
Mobile data to bring in US$50 billion by 2019: Ovum
Europe remains the largest contributor to global roaming revenues, accounting for 46 per cent. Mobile data will bring in around US$50 billion by 2019 and make up 56 per cent of global roaming revenues according to analyst firm, Ovum. The company's Mobile ...