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Sprint drops behind T-Mobile on weak Q1 subscriber growth
The tug of war between US wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile has finally shifted direction. Overland Park, Kansas-based Sprint said Tuesday that it ended its fiscal first quarter with 57.7 million total users -- falling just short of T-Mobile's 58.9 ...
5 Things T-Mobile US Management Wants You To Know
T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) delivered great results in the second quarter. The wireless network operator crushed Wall Street's sales and earnings estimates, powered by 2.1 million net new subscribers and particular strength in the coveted market for postpaid ...
Is Apple Starting Its Own Direct Mobile Service or Not?
Tech giant Apple is either about to start virtual network operator (MVNO) services in the U.S. and Europe . . . or else it’s not. Reports that Apple is privately building an MVNO service in the United States and is in discussion with telecom companies in ...
It’s lonely at the bottom: Sprint falls to No. 4 in mobile subscriber ranks
For more than a decade, Sprint S has had to be content with the 3 rd place in the race for the most mobile subscribers. That trend ended today, but not in the way CEO Marcelo Claure would have liked. Sprint now has 57.7 million connections on its networks ...
For Mobile Messaging, GIFs Prove to Be Worth at Least a Thousand Words
Lucy Dikeou, a 21-year-old senior at Stanford University, has long used English and the pictorial images known as emoji to text on her iPhone. A few months ago, she started messaging with a third language: GIFs. When Ms. Dikeou recently wanted a friend to ...
T-Mobile Stomps on Sprint to Become the Third-Largest US Carrier
It should be noted that T-Mobile is still some distance behind AT&T (124 million subscribers) and Verizon Wireless (135 million subscribers). While T-Mobile may have earned a victory lap today, let’s not forget that this is the same company that was ...
Reality Check: 2015 halftime report – T-Mobile US’ ‘to-do’ list
Last week, the new No. 3 carrier, T-Mobile US, held its quarterly earnings session – it’s hard to classify it as an earnings call since there are as many “tweets” and e-mail questions from avid followers as there are Wall Street analysts in ...
Apple denies it plans to sell mobile services directly to consumers
Apple, the world's most profitable mobile phone maker, has denied a report that it is working on a plan to market communications services directly to consumers that would bypass telecom operators on which it now relies to deliver services. Business Insider ...
Mobile ranks high among agency security worries
Mobile devices are among the frequently cited security risks for federal and defense agencies — alongside shadow IT and shared services — according to a SolarWinds survey released in late July. A third of the survey respondents came from defense ...
T-Mobile To Sell The ZTE Obsidian On August 13th
Phones just keep coming through T-Mobile like hotcakes, and that isn’t exactly a bad thing. Now, T-Mobile does get high end phones, but not very often. Usually only when a new flagship device comes out from Samsung, Apple, LG, or HTC. I think we can all ...