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Banking Trends 2016: Mobile Transactions Popular With Millennials, But Many Still Can't Manage Their Money
Perhaps it’s not just a stereotype: Millennials really like to use their smartphones—especially for personal finance, according to a recent survey. As part of the ongoing effort to get inside the heads of everyone’s favorite demographic, consumer ...
How Facebook's last year shows dominance in mobile advertising — and what's next
There's plenty of shiny toys to look at when it comes to Facebook — Oculus Rift, WhatsApp, Messenger and ambitious plans to bring the internet to every corner of the globe. At its core, however, is good old advertising. Well, maybe not old. "We’re ...
Fewer drivers on mobile phones 'caught by police'
The number of drivers caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel has almost halved in five years, the BBC can reveal. In 2011-12, 178,000 people were stopped by police in the UK, compared with under 95,000 in 2015-16. Of the 43 police forces in the UK ...
Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook's 4 Million Advertisers Are 'Proof' Of The Power Of Mobile
When it comes to advertising, small screens are the new big screens. This is what Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg says the company’s latest milestone — announcing 4 million advertisers on Tuesday — signifies about the growing ...
When Phones Went Mobile: Revisiting NPR's 1983 Story On 'Cellular'
A decade after Martin Cooper made the world's first public call from a portable phone in 1973, telephones were becoming truly mobile. "It's still pretty rare to see someone using a telephone in a car. But it's about to become a lot more common." That's how ...
Kohl’s Mobile Makeover
“Going mobile” and “embracing omnichannel” have essentially become to go to buzzwords for retail in 2016. No matter what is actually going on, no matter what is being sold – pretty much every major merchant has announced that their future will be ...
Telstra mobile L Plan ad lists international roaming bonuses that did not apply
The advertisement for the Telstra iPhone 7 L Plan was displayed on the network's website, with the international roaming terms outlined in the plan's "Inclusions and bonuses". The offering stated that customers need not "activate an international SIM ...
This week in Comcast: Is a T-Mobile acquisition next?
Comcast’s venture into the wireless market won’t come to fruition until mid-2017, but Comcast-watchers are already speculating about what the move into mobile means for the Philadelphia-based company’s long-term future. Many others predicted that ...
New study: Global mobile application market trends, size, sales, demand, revenue and 2021 forecasts analysis
This report states import/export, supply and consumption figures as well as cost, price, revenue and gross margin by regions (US , EU, Global and Japan), and other regions can be added. Global Mobile Application Industry 2016 Market Research Report provide ...
New IAB survey shows that consumers buying on mobile more than ever, ads and social trigger interest
Three-quarters of smartphone and tablet users said they have purchased a product or service on their devices in the past six months. This from a recent in-depth survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) titled “Mobile Commerce: A Global ...